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Thank you for confirming your presence and participation at the Inaugural KAN Festival. Tanzania is generally a safe, hassle free country. That said you should however be cautious during your stay here and observe any government advisories given.


Tucked away in the North Eastern part of Tanzania, Arusha city is the capital city of the Arusha region and lies at the foot of Mt. Meru which is the 5th tallest Mountain in Africa. Arusha is a multicultural city and it is referred to as the tourist capital of the country as it provides gateway to some of the most scenic and iconic destinations in Tanzania owing to its strategic location.

Some of these destinations include Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire and Arusha National Parks.

Some tips

  • Only take taxis from designated taxis ranks or from hotels and never board a taxi already occupied by another passenger or with another individual other than a taxi driver in it.
    ● When using public transport do not accept anything from any strangers especially drinks or food.
    ● Keep your windows rolled up and confirm doors are closed in particular when in traffic and ensure to keep your bags and electronic devices out of sight.
    ● If you are going to take a walk outside the premises, kindly ensure you notify someone about this, ask an individual familiar with the area to accompany you
    and always ensure you have a form of identification with you at all times.
    ● Ensure you save the Emergency contacts given in your phone or write them down and have them with you at ALL times.

Event venue

The Festival will take place at MS-TCDC, Arusha Tanzania.


If you are being sponsored by KAN Festival, your travel itinerary will be shared with you. Please note that any requests for changes to issued booking should be made directly with the airline. Any charges to be incurred for amendments or changes shall be borne by the individual.


All visitors to Tanzania must obtain a visa from one of the Tanzanian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries whose citizens can obtain a visa on arrival. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months (according to the Tanzanian immigration department) or for a month beyond the period of intended stay. For more information kindly visit their immigration department website given below.

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Airport transfers from/to airport

Airports pickups and drops have been arranged for speakers and sponsored participants. Other participants are advised to arrange their own transport from the airport to the forum venue.
● If you decide to take taxi from airport to your hotel the price differs from place to place.


KAN Festival will provide accomodation for sponsored participants, who will be accommodated at MS-TCDC Arusha and any other identified partner Hotels.


Sponsored participants are advised to carry enough funds for dinner as other
expenses ie: accommodation, travel and half a day food will be covered. Other participants are also advised to carry enough funds to facilitate the duration of their stay in Arusha. Individual expenses including international and local telephone calls, laundry, fax, use of the mini bar and all other additional drinks and meals must be paid for on individual basis. Please clarify with hotel staff about any free and complimentary services available before placing an order.

Local Currency

The local currency is Tanzania shillings (Tsh). The exchange rate from USD to Tsh is approximate $1 = 2320 Tsh/=. The rate is subject to currency fluctuations. A valid passport will be required for all foreign exchange transactions.

Currencies can be converted at the airport or at the festival venue MS-TCDC.
Please note that most of ATMs accept major credit/debit cards including Visa, Master Cards.

General Information


It is encouraged to take anti-malaria medication before travelling into Tanzania. Please consult a doctor to ensure the right dose and medicine is prescribed.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Tanzania requires a Yellow Fever vaccine for African Countries and will charge travelers without certificates a fee US $50 after having been quarantined and inoculated. Yellow fever certificates are required for any travel/ journey that starts, stops or passes through the yellow fever belt of Africa.

N.B: As with all international travel, it is strongly advised that participants/delegates are adequately covered by international health insurance for the duration of their stay in Tanzania.

Travel Medical Insurance

We recommend that all participants obtain travel insurance for their trip which covers the date of departure from your country until the date of your return. For your own health needs, remember to pack your own medication.


Arusha has a mild and generally warm temperature and relatively stable temperatures both in terms of night-to-day and summer-to-winter. Short rains occur November through February and long rains occur March through May and temperatures are high November through May.


Should you wish to get a local sim card, there are a variety of options including Vodacom, Airtel, Tigo, Smart and Halotel. These can be secured at their shops and are found near the festival venue. Proof of Identity such as a passport may be required to acquire a local number.


All rooms at the recommended hotels have internet access. During the event at the event venue you will be provided with access information and the password indicated on your badges.


Tanzania has a variety of food due to the diversity of cultures found in the country. Arusha has wide selection of steamed and boiled vegetables, fried, roasted and barbequed meat and fresh fruits and many more. Our very famous “Chips mayai” is something you would want to try during your stay in Arusha.

Details of Accommodation
KAN Festival has partnered with a number of organizations to provide accommodation at discounted rates. These are;
  • Arumeru River Lodge providing Bed and Breakfast at $100 per person.
  • Ngurdoto Mountain lodge providing accommodation at $70 Bed and Breakfast
  • Mzunguu Safari Lodge charging Tsh 50,000 for residents and $30 for non residents

Electricity and electrical outlets

Tanzania has 220-240 volt electricity, meaning unless your computer or appliance is dual voltage or designed for 220 volts, you will need a converter. The cycles (Hz) are 50 per second and the most popular socket is a three (3) pin square.

Contact details

If you have any queries or in case of emergency, please do not hesitate to contact:
KAN Festival Team
+919946988454 | +255748068374
@TheKANFestival Facebook, Twitter

@KANFestival – Instagram

We look forward to to seeing you at the Festival and wish you an enjoyable stay in
Arusha the Geneive of Africa.

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