The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On! Art lovers, revellers and development workers dancing in the rain.

Festivals are a way of unwinding from life’s mundane activities while acquiring new knowledge, mixing with other people’s cultures, making new friends and having lots and lots of fun. It is a way for people to freely express themselves without fear of judgement from the world. This is what KAN Festival offers as an annual event in Arusha.

As the music grew louder, so did the rain. The skies happily joined in on the dance as the rain increasingly poured down on the revelers. No one seemed to care that it was raining, the revelers continued to enjoy themselves throughout the downpour.

Art lovers, festival goers and development workers were dancing, laughing and shouting to their favorite artists as their bodies were fully soaked in the rain. It felt very emotional to watch as people of different age, race and backgrounds were authentically happy and free to express themselves.

It was truly a magical experience to see the power of art and music set people free. This is what KAN is all about, to bring different stakeholders from all aspects of life and in one place. To share, learn and grow. And most importantly to do it in a safe space that allows true freedom of expression.

People let loose and let love. People hugged and laughed in ways they have never before. As the rain grew heavier, and trust me it did, so did the freedom of expression. Arms flung up in the sky as screams of pure joy reverberated throughout the Tamasha stage. Freedom!

KAN indeed stands for Knowledge, Art and Networking. KAN continues to be a home to African history and culture, a home to love, inclusion and freedom of expression. Just in 3 days, it had an impact on peoples lives and wellbeing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

To be part of this life changing experience, do not miss out on next year’s edition, on the 28th-30th, 2021. Karibu!

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