We are connected. Let’s keep the social distance but let’s engage. Let’s celebrate Art and its glory. Right now, right here, we are the residents of the Art world, KAN Artivists in Residency connects us, and allows us to express our Arts in our ways.

KAN Artivists in residency bring conscious Artists and a variety of unique artworks from all walks of life and filled the surroundings with creativity and creatives of their kind. Trust me, It’s lovely in here. I feel like I am the right resident of this residency, No! no! no! I think I’m blessed to be here, to witness these wonders, the wonders of Art.

You can’t believe it! But, Art speaks, Art cures, Art revives, Art raises, processes, and solves difficult riddles. Art judges and it is not afraid of anything. The saddest thing is, most of the Artivists were into impressive silence.

Artivists in Residency program makes me believe that I KAN do it again, I KAN stand on what I believe again, I can be an activist through Art. I am the Artivist, I KAN express my inner feelings in my way creatively, which makes you see and feel it in your way creatively. I bet Art KAN solves various development challenges in my community.

My Art is medication: treats chronic diseases, invisible diseases, and maybe the best medication of unexplainable diseases. It reveals the hidden reality and expresses the truth. The truth that many people don’t want to talk about. If you look closely deeply, you will see and feel things most people are going through.

My Art soothes vibes, evokes positive hype and emotions. It KAN cure mind, body, and spirit. Art KAN fixes broken hearts, broken bones and confused minds. Art can bring mental and spiritual relief. It can cure depression, fear, anxiety, self-denial and any forms of social phobia. My Art KAN fix life again.

My Art is visual poetry, like the lovely poets of King Solomon, they speak in proverbs, leaves everyone with different or common messages. My Art delights cheer me up, help me grow to recognize myself and my strength. It reminds me not to forget where I’m from and to be aware of knowing where I’m going. It connects me, my soul and the entire world. It makes me feel alright.

My Art is a movement, the movement of intellectual liberation which solves riddles and proverbs of community social justice, African development agenda and politics without fear. It processes and brings on the table the truth from lies and realism from propaganda, witness’ justice where there is oppression and injustice. My Art represents and strengthens my views about Pan- Africanism ideas. My Art speak louder indeed.

I am an independent representative. Art has given me the title; I am the ambassador. My Art represents the challenges of my community, from my community, in my community. It can do a lot of things at the same time. It KAN challenge, criticize, motivate, engage and force you to think and rethink about you and your community too. Then, it encourages you to take actions toward solution of challenges like insecurity and self-unconsciousness.

My Art reminds you, to hold your ground, to play your part in personal development and Africa development. My Art makes you understand you are worthy and your life matters in this universe. My Art KAN compels you to use your potential, to find your purpose and stick to the mission. This is me; I am the Artivist and so proud of who I am.

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